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Where the world’s best health coaches go to grow

Online fitness is booming, and there are plenty of tech solutions out there for anyone who wants to build a business as a personal trainer. And then there’s Lenus; going beyond the tech to be the strategic partner for growth to the world’s best health coaches. 

Let’s move the world

Struggling to attract talented health coaches from outside the traditional weightlifting and stereotypical ‘gym bros’ demographic, Lenus was not perceived as a trustworthy fitness brand, and was too focused on a narrow portion of the fitness industry.

So they approached Pentagram to rebrand as and become the leading online health coaching platform. We partnered with Angus Hyland and team to deliver a verbal identity robust enough to enable the company’s next stage of rapid growth.

Our approach

  • 1. Building the new generation of health coaches

    Lenus wanted to attract the health coaches at the top of their game. People who want to change the world, one fist pump at a time. People who have the power to move not only bodies, but minds too. So the verbal identity became a call to action to join a movement and kick-start the global health coaching revolution.

  • 2. Capturing the team’s pioneering spirit

    The sense of belonging that Lenus creates among the world’s best health coaches is just as palpable among their own team — and it’s a spirit and synergy they want to protect as they scale. So we wrote an internal credo that balances charming tonal moments like “hugs and fist bumps” and impactful statements such as “This is history in the making” to capture both their actions and ambitions.

  • 3. Accelerating holistic health, globally

    The new Lenus brand had to encompass a much wider range of topics such as nutrition, mental and physical health, and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. So we defined a tone of voice that champions warm, conversational and uplifting language over more aggressive fitness clichés, and created a set of messages that moves the narrative on from avocado toast and burpies to joining a more inclusive, global movement.

Team: Zosia Swidlicka, Charlotte Golzari, Angus Hyland, Charlotte Selby


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